Pneumatic Control Units

With the Pneumatic Control Units (PCU and PCP) both vapor recovery valves and bottom valves can be opened. In order to open a bottom valve, the corresponding vapor valve has to be open. Visual indicators enable the tank-truck operator to check the status of either the vapor recovery valves and bottom valves.

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Features & Benifits

  • Compartment visual indicators allow the operator to easily see the condition of the bottom valves. Black is closed, Green is open.
  • Material seals available in both Delrin and Buna-N
  • RF unit and emergency air switch is optional for additional safety
  • Three emergency stop switches for improved safety
  • PCU model is contained in a corrosion-resistant lockable stainless steel box
  • Door brake interlock is included in the PCU model only
  • Automatic closure with less than 4.5 bar is also a standard feature on the PCU model
  • PCP model is manufactured with a mounting plate

About the PCU and PCP System

By pulling the green vapor button all vapor vents will open.

The indicator under the green push button will turn from black to green indicating all vapor vents are open. By pulling the compartment switches the selected bottom valve will open and the light indicator will change from black to green meaning the bottom valve of the compartment is open.

Pushing the red emergency button in the pneumatic control box will close down all the bottom valves and vapor vents. The compartments with a green indicator will turn black as well as the indicator of the vapor valves.

The PCU model comes standard with two remote emergency buttons. 

Model Numbers

  • PCP-461R
  • PCU-661L