Civaflo Manifold

The CIVAFLO Single and double Manifold by CIVACON helps improve the quality and performance of your delivery service.

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Features & Benefits

Manifold Valve
The air activated manifold chamber is a double-acting cylinder assembly that guarantees valve opening/dosing every time. Its closed loop pneumatic system keeps debris from entering the valve. The manifold chamber open/close status is clearry indicated by a "red" indicator visible through the transparent lens located on the top of each manifold valve.

Optional Product Return Spout
Designed to facilitate quick line changes, the product return spout is centrally located and angled to provide for easy connection. A sight glass on the spout allows the driver to see the return product flow to help facilitate accurate product manges.

Guard Bar Assembly
An air interlock switch is activcted from the system control panel to provide access to manifold connections. This feature prevents unauthorized access to fuel compartments and restricts access to the manifold/API couplers unless the PGI and Operator Interface Unit are coordinated during the offloading process to ensure that the appropriate fuel connections are are made.

Manifold Sight glass
No more guess work - Having made the compartment selection, the full width product site glass allows the driver to confirm his selection is correct.

Manifold Galleries
Two different fuel types can be dispensed from the same vehcile By simply selecting between the two independent manifold galleries. The air activation system only allows one manifold to be opened at any time. The manifold galleries are specific to either the gasoline or the diesel PTO and pump, th is means that the manifold chambers are discriminate depending on the fuel selected to ensure that cross contamination is never a problem.

The Civaflo dual manifold provides a wide range of options depending on your particular loading or unloading arrangement:

Bottom loading
The guard bar is released to provide access to the API coupler. Both manifold valves remain closed providing for high, unobstructed flow rates.

Product Return
An interlock switch that receives a signal from the operator interface unit and main control unit releases the guard bar. A tight-fill nozzle is connected to the return spout to allow for the return of fuel left in the hose to the appropriate fuel compartment. A sight glass on the spout allows the driver to see the return product flow to help facilitate accurate product changes.

Pump Unloading - Manifold and Valve Operation
During pump unloading, the appropriate manifold and valve is selected to allow the flow of fuel into the collection tubes, through the pump and then dispensed through the meter and hose.