Chemical and Industrial Valves

Sure Seal specializes in components for pneumatic tank trailers, rail cars, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, and any application requiring the processing, movement and storage of dry bulk or liquid materials: butterfly valves, lined ball valves, actuators, aeration systems, relief valves, hopper tees, couplers, and sanitary valves.

Sure Seal machines and manufactures all parts in house with modern advanced computer controlled machining centers to assure the highest standards in the industry. All Sure Seal valves are dimensionally interchangeable with Keystone valves but with our patented improvements and innovations. Every valve manufactured is tested to 110% of it's full pressure rating as standard, with no additional charge.

Resilient Butterfly Valves

500 Series Valves 
  • 2” – 12” sizes 
  • General Duty Industrial Valve

600 Series Valves 
  • 2” – 30” sizes 
  • For HVAC/ATC, Chemical/Petrochemical, Food/Beverage, Power/Utilities, Pulp/Paper Industries

800 Series Valves 
  • 2” – 12” 
  • Ideal for most corrosive applications

High Performance Valves Lined Valves 

High Performance Butterfly Valves

Lined Butterfly Valves

Lined Ball Valves

Sanitary/Pharmaceutical Valves

894 Series Sanitary Valves

895 Series Rotary Valves

Tablet Valves

Sample Valves

Sample Valve System