Sure Seal

Sure Seal specializes in components for pneumatic tank trailers, rail cars, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, and any application requiring the processing, movement and storage of dry bulk or liquid materials: butterfly valves, lined ball valves, actuators, aeration systems, relief valves, hopper tees, couplers, and sanitary valves. 

High-Performance Butterfly Valves

The Sure Seal high-performance butterfly valve’s double eccentric (double offset) design minimizes torque and increases valve service life by decreasing seat to disc interference through out the disc travel.

LM Cover

Sure Seal’s LM manhole is the gold standard in dry-bulk manholes around the world. The LM is the most cost effective, efficient and reliable manhole used in a wide range of industries and dry-bulk handling applications.

SLSTM Safe Loading SystemTM

The SLS manhole is specifically designed to operate in the tough dry bulk transportation industry, hauling cement, sand, fly ash and much more. Utilizing the latest in design technology and exhaustive real world testing, the SLS combines simplicity of design for rugged performance and advanced control for dependable operation in this very tough industry.